Speaker Pelosi admits Trump told her he’s happy she’s not allowing impeachment
Composite image of Donald Trump and Nancy Pelosi, photos by Gage Skidmore.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi continued to refuse calls to impeach President Donald Trump, who she admitted is glad for her political stance.

Pelosi made the admission during a recent interview with Maureen Dowd published Saturday by The New York Times.

“Oh, he’d rather not be impeached,’’ Pelosi said. “But he sees a silver lining. And he wants to then say, ‘The Democrats impeached me but the Senate’ — he won’t say Republicans — ‘exonerated me.’ The thing is that, he every day practically self-impeaches by obstructing justice and ignoring the subpoenas.”

“You can’t impeach everybody," Pelosi argued. "People wanted Reagan impeached but that didn’t happen."

Though she did not that Trump “has given real cause for impeachment.”

Dowd asked if Trump had ever "pressured" her on impeachment.

“He may have one time said something like, ‘I’m glad you’re not doing this impeachment because there’s nothing there,’” Pelosi admitted.