Trump caused growth to ‘spike’ in gun group for African Americans — now they’re considering a political arm
National African American Gun Association (Facebook)

The backlash against President Donald Trump caused membership to "spike" in the National African American Gun Association -- and now they're considering starting a Political Action Committee.

NPR interviewed Philip Smith, the president and founder of the group.

"Membership spiked after President Trump was sworn into office, Smith says, attributing some of that growth to a political climate where people with racist views feel emboldened to talk about and act on those views," NPR reported. "Some in the organization say it is time to have a larger platform. Executives in the group are mulling whether to form a political action committee that would raise money and back candidates sympathetic with the cause."

"Does law enforcement, or more importantly larger society, view black men with firearms in a certain way?" Smith wondered. "That's a hard discussion, but that's a discussion we need, as an organization, to be involved with."

The group cites the scandal over the police killing of Philando Castile, who told officers he was licensed to carry a firearm but was shot dead anyway.

NAAGA is not the only organization citing racism as a reason for gun ownership in the age of Donald Trump.

"Our basic message is: guns are fine, but racism is not,” a Redneck Revolt organizer explained in 2017

NAAGA and Redneck Revolt are two of the six major progressive gun groups organizing in the Trump era.

Meanwhile, the right-wing National Rifle Association has been in chaos and scandal since Trump was elected.