Trump claims ‘complete vindication and exoneration’ after lawsuit against Russia thrown out
United States of America President Donald Trump shaking hands with Russian Federation President Vladimir Putin. (Kremlin photo.)

President Donald Trump claimed vindication on Tuesday after a judge ruled that the Russian Federation can not be sued in U.S. federal courts.

"U.S. Judge John G. Koeltl of the Southern District of New York said the Russian Federation was the 'primary wrongdoer' in an alleged criminal enterprise, which also included WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, foreign nationals and others close to the Trump campaign," reported Tuesday. "However, Koeltl, an appointee of President Bill Clinton, said federal law shielded Russia from being sued in U.S. federal courts. Under the Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act, such remedies can only be pursued through state actions, including sanctions imposed by the president or Congress."

Instead of pursuing sanctions, Trump claimed exoneration.

"Wow!" Trump tweeted. "A federal judge in the Southern District of N.Y. completely dismissed a lawsuit brought by the Democratic National Committee against our historic 2016 campaign for President."

"The Judge said the DNC case was 'entirely divorced' from the facts, yet another total and complete vindication and exoneration from the Russian, WikiLeaks and every other form of hoax perpetrated by the DNC, radical Democrats and others," Trump claimed, despite having never been vindicated or exonerated.

"The witch hunt ends!" Trump predicted.