Trump has Republicans ‘in a vise’ as bad as Charlottesville and Access Hollywood: MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace
MSNBC anchor Nicolle Wallace (screengrab)

Donald Trump's increasingly toxic rhetoric against women of color has put the Republican Party in a "vice" of choosing between loyalty to the White House and voters disgusted by the bigotry the president had been broadcasting.

"Donald Trump today has the Republican Party in a vise the likes of which they haven’t experienced since Charlottesville and before that, in the aftermath of the “Access Hollywood” tape," Wallace explained, citing the biggest moments of Trump displaying his respective racism and misogyny.

"Republicans -- who have hardly been profiles in courage -- today found just over a dozen of their members break rank and slowly, timidly, begin to call out Donald Trump’s flagrant, bellicose, racist attacks against four female members of Congress," she reported.

The host explained her editorial decision to not even repeat Trump's attacks.

"We made a decision on this show not to amplify Trump’s attacks by showing them or even reading them here, but it should surprise no one that they’re false and that they serve as ugly reminders of Donald Trump’s xenophobia, misogyny and racism," she explained.

Prior to her career in journalism, Wallace was one of the top communications experts in the Republican Party.

"While it’s not news the president is a racist or the Republican Party is largely following his lead, what should serve as a warning to all Democrats is this is the terrain on which the 2020 election will be waged," she explained. "And anyone who doubts this is central to Trump’s re-election strategy missed the Trump summit with his purveyors of fake news and baseless smears. Last week he praised the social media provocateurs who spread tension to sew racial divisions.'