Trump hates women of color for birthing babies keeping him from ‘making America white again’: MSNBC analyst
President Donald Trump. (AFP Photo/MANDEL NGAN)

President Donald Trump's loathing of women of color is driven by the fact he hates the babies they birth, a Rutgers University professor argued on MSNBC on Friday.

"The Beat" anchor Ari Melber interviewed Prof. Brittney Cooper about Trump's racist attacks on four young women of color in Congress.

"Look, the thing that bothers me about Trump and his cronies is that they have a long history of attacking women of color, and it’s really important to say these comments are not just racist, they’re also deeply sexist," Cooper explained.

"They don't just attack people of color, they also specifically go after women of color," she continued.

"And so we need to take the long view. This is Trump’s attack on journalist April Ryan, this is his attacks on Maxine Waters and the way he’s locking up babies and their parents at the border because he sees women of color as the people who reproduce all of these folks keeping him from making America white again," Cooper said.

"So there is a real visceral reason why he has such hatred for women of color," she concluded. "And our job is to call it out at every level."