Trump is questioning whether Secretary Alex Acosta did well enough in his press conference: CNN
R. Alexander Acosta, Labor Secretary (CSPAN/Screenshot)

President Donald Trump hasn't said a word about Labor Secretary Alex Acosta since the press conference about Jeffrey Epstein.

Acosta has been under scrutiny for a "sweetheart" plea deal that allowed Epstein to spend just a few hours a day in prison for 13 months.

Acosta's only goal was to show the president that he was strong enough to fight back against his accusers. While Acosta didn't apologize or admit to doing anything wrong, Trump wasn't pleased with the press conference.

"Now we are being told that while initially, he was pretty favorable with how [Acosta] performed and how he defended himself, he has since become skeptical and is now quizzing people about whether they think his answers were sufficient to essentially make this controversy go away," said CNN's Katlin Collins.

The president isn't necessarily concerned about the plea deal itself but how the story is playing in the media and if it would follow his administration.

"Now that is raising some concerns," Collins continued. "Since [then] he's been quizzing people about how Alex Acosta did, about how long Alex Acosta could potentially last in this administration."

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