Trump lashes out at Paul Ryan for not funding the border wall he said Mexico would pay for
Paul Ryan speaks to Fox News (screengrab)

President Donald Trump on Thursday blasted former Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) in response to criticism from the fellow Republican.

"Paul Ryan, the failed V.P. candidate & former Speaker of the House, whose record of achievement was atrocious (except during my first two years as President), ultimately became a long-running lame-duck failure, leaving his party in the lurch both as a fundraiser and leader," Trump argued.

"When Mitt chose Paul I told people that’s the end of that presidential run," he continued.

Trump was especially mad about not receiving funding for his border wall during his first two years when Congress and the White House were under Republican control.

"He promised me the Wall and failed," Trump argued, about the project he repeatedly promised would be paid for by Mexico and not American taxpayers.

"Couldn’t get him out of Congress fast enough!" Trump added.