Trump offers Russia help with wildfires -- after attacking California for theirs
Rights activists say that since first becoming president in 2000, Putin has gradually crushed freedoms in Russia (AFP Photo/Yuri KADOBNOV)

President Donald Trump seems to care more about the wildfires in Russia than he did about those in his own country.

Politico reported that the president had a phone call with Russian President Vladimir Putin, where he offered American assistance. The wildfires in Siberia have burned 6.7 million acres.

The Russian Embassy quoted a Kremlin statement saying that Putin appreciated Trump's sweet gesture, and if the help is needed they'll accept it. As it stands, Russia is deploying military aircraft to try and control the situation.

The two men agreed to keep in contact about the situation, the Kremlin statement said.

“The Russian president assessed this move on the part of the US president as a guarantee of the future restoration of full-fledged bilateral relations,” said a Kremlin statement quoted by the Russian Embassy.

Meanwhile, the White House hasn't informed Americans that the call even took place.

When California was burning faster than firefighters could keep up, Trump blamed the state for not raking the leaves. After being attacked in the media for at least a week, Trump agreed to sign an emergency declaration.

Months later, Trump claimed that he was right about raking the leaves solving all of the problems in California.

“Remember I went to California [last November], I saw something that nobody has ever seen — it was like a blowtorch,” Trump said. “It was 80 mile an hour winds, and the death and destruction was incredible, and I said, ‘you need forest management.’ They were saying it was global warming. It could have had something to do with it, but you need forest management.”

The claim was ultimately debunked by scientists.

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