Trump smacked down by CNN with supercut of his lies about the ballooning federal debt
President Donald Trump at a campaign rally in Montoursville, Pennsylvania (screengrab)

On Thursday, CNN's Erin Burnett took President Donald Trump to task for once again stomping on one of his promises to the American people: His promise to pay down the national debt.

"The House passing a budget deal that will explode the national debt and deficit, and the president celebrating its passing tweeting 'I'm pleased to announce the House has passed our budget deal,'" said Burnett. "And this is after threatening Republicans and telling them earlier today, quote, 'House Republicans should support the TWO YEAR BUDGET AGREEMENT which greatly helps military and vets. I am totally with you!' He told them it was important. They needed to get in line and get behind him."

"But a lot of them didn't," said Burnett. "In fact, the majority, 132 Republicans, stood up and voted against their president. The bill suspends the debt limit, it adds 300 billion in spending, it ends all spending cuts, which means the national debt is going to continue to balloon. And Trump's support for more spending and more debt wherever he can get it is breaking a big promise. A promise that he made to the American people again and again and again."

Burnett then showed a montage of Trump's promises to reduce or even eliminate the national debt.

"Where the economy grows, we will reduce our debt and reducing it bigly. We have to get rid of debt and balance our budget. With the $20 trillion in debt, can you imagine? The government must lean to tighten its belt," said Trump in one clip.

"We have $21 trillion in debt. When in really kicks in, we'll start paying off that debt like it's water," he said in another.

"One thing, we have a lot of debt. I want to get it out. I want to pay it off," he said in a third.

In contrast to House Republicans, noted Burnett, "Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is on Team Trump. He says the agreement secures the most important priority of the Republican conference ... And yet in 2011 when president Obama wanted to increase spending and borrowing, Senator McConnell was a man of principle. Here he is."

"The president's budget is the clearest sign yet he simply does not take our fiscal problems seriously," said McConnell in the clip. "The real point is this. We're broke. We're broke. We don't have the money. It's not an American value to borrow from others to pay for programs we don't need and can't afford."

Watch below: