Trump stood in front of a fake presidential seal that poked fun at his golf habit during conservative event
Fake Seal of the president behind Donald Trump (Photo: Screen capture from Washington Post video)

President Donald Trump spoke to the young conservatives at the Turning Point USA conference this week, hours before he agreed to a budget deal that would increase the national debt and balloon spending.

Turning Point USA touts itself as a fiscally responsible organization, but they still supported the president. At least, they are supposed to. According to the Washington Post, the seal of the president that Trump stood with on stage during his speech was a fake seal of the United States Presidency.

The seal of the president shows the eagle holding an olive branch in one claw and arrows in the other. It's supposed to symbolize the struggle of every president to navigate war and peace.

Trump's seal at the event held a pile of cash in one claw and a set of golf clubs in the other.  If turning Point USA stands for limited government and fiscal responsibility, the amount of money the president has spent on his golfing jaunts flies in the face of both.

The fake seal also had two eagle heads, and the actual seal has just one. The Post noted, however, that the Russia seal was remarkably similar to the fake seal, also having two heads.

[caption id="attachment_1525537" align="aligncenter" width="330"] Coat of Arms for Russia (Photo: Wikipedia)[/caption]

"It was a last-minute A/V mistake — and I can't figure out where the breakdown was — but it was a last-minute throw-up, and that's all it was," a spokesman for Turning Port USA said. "I can't figure out who did it yet."

Read the extensive report from The Washington Post and watch their video at their site.