Trump thinks all Americans will see his Fourth of July speech -- they won't says ABC, NBC, CBS
HERSHEY, PA - DECEMBER 15, 2016: President-Elect Donald Trump speaks of his relief to have won the state of Texas on Election night during his speech at the "Thank You Tour" rally at the Giant Center (Shutterstock).

President Donald Trump said in the Oval Office this week that he believes all Americans will be reached with his Fourth of July speech in front of the Lincoln Memorial, but it turns out that has been dashed by the networks.

While cable news outlets, other than Fox News, might carry some of it, the huge audiences that the big three networks will miss out.

The "Daily Mail" reported Wednesday that the big three won't be showing the speech because Jeopardy will be on. Indeed, Jeopardy has become a national treasure with long-running contestants becoming national celebrities for their knowledge and keen buzzer clicking.

MSNBC won't cover the event live, the report says, but CNN hasn't yet announced what it will do. Fox News, of course, will have a two-hour Trump-worshiping extravaganza complete with presidential hyperbole. C-SPAN will air the event live beginning at 6:15 p.m. The decision has garnered extensive criticism for the political network for "legitimizing" Trump's military-sanctioned campaign-style rally.