‘Trump will be glued to the screen with an IV drip and a catheter’ when Mueller testifies: GOP strategist
Donald Trump speaks to Fox News (screen grab)

President Donald Trump will be glued to his television during former special counsel Robert Mueller's testimony before Congress, Republican strategist Rick Wilson predicted on Monday.

On Wednesday, Mueller is scheduled to appear before the House Judiciary Committee in the morning and then the House Intelligence Committee in the afternoon.

"This is also a moment where the preeminence of television in our political lives is going to come to the fore," Wilson said. "And Donald Trump knows this."

"That little nervous moment this morning, where 'I might watch a little' — no, Donald Trump will be glued to the screen with an IV drip and a catheter," Wilson predicted.

"He will not move during this testimony. This guy will not budge. He will watch every millisecond of it. He’s expecting his show Republican allies to do the show trialing thing and creaming and the hair-tearing and the rending of garments because they need to keep the Fox audience distracted," he explained.

"Fox isn’t covering the hearings," he noted.

"Really?" Wallace asked.

"Which should tell you how scared they are about what could happen. It's going to be a very interesting and consequential moment, they apparently are not taking them live. Everybody else is taking them live," he noted. "Live TV, wall-to-wall, things break loose. Things happen. Robert Mueller has things in his pocket."

Fox News has been running a promotional ad since Friday promising live Mueller coverage, but without saying to what extent they will air the testimony versus the spin of the network's personalities.