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Trump’s ‘Gestapo tactics’ of rounding people up in the middle of the night are ‘not law enforcement’: Ex-CIA official



President Donald Trump was slammed on Friday evening for using “Gestapo tactics” to round up people for political purposes, a former top CIA official explained on MSNBC’s “The 11th Hour” with Brian Williams.

The host interviewed Jeremy Bash, who served as chief of staff for both the CIA and Pentagon about the administration’s stated plan to begin large-scale raids against immigrants.


By preannouncing it, the president not only endangered ICE officials, but tried to instill fear and scare to families to think they will be separated from their children or parents or loved,” Bash noted.

“This really has the hallmarks of the old Soviet knock at the doors, the Stalinist tactics, the Gestapo tactics of trying to round people up in the middle of the night,” he explained.

“This is not law enforcement. This is not operational. This is pure politics designed to instill fear and designed to make the president seem like he’s doing something on immigration — when he’s really not doing anything,” Bash concluded.


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‘Gaslighting on a massive scale’: Doctor warns Trump is lying us into a COVID disaster



On CNN Friday, Dr. Celine Grounder tore into President Donald Trump's ongoing falsehoods about the coronavirus pandemic.

"No matter how many times public health officials, especially like Anthony Fauci, speak the truth, what does it do, Doctor, when the president continues to lie to the public in face of a public health crisis?" asked anchor Kate Bolduan.

"This is gaslighting on an enormous scale, and means until people eventually get sick or their family members get sick, the communities hit hard, they won't believe it, and then it will be too late," said Grounder. "The problem is there's a lag period from the time that somebody's infected and starts to develop symptoms a couple days later. We don't see people get severely sick and need to be hospitalized and in ICUs until a week into disease, and talking about probably one to two weeks of lag time from the time somebody's exposed at least before you start to see hospitalizations and then another couple weeks before you start to see deaths."

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2020 Election

Republicans ‘anxious’ as campaign aides observe ‘a sudden alertness’ in Trump that he is losing: report



Republican are growing increasingly worried about President Donald Trump’s re-election campaign, according to a new report in Politico.

“I’d say Republicans are feeling anxious, and there’s a real sense of urgency for the president to precisely define his second term agenda. What are we running on? His answers on that have been lacking and he needs to show people why he wants four more years,” Scott Jennings, a top political adviser in the George W. Bush White House, told the publication.

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Trump campaign spokesperson pushes Mt. Rushmore meme that adds president to monument



Would adding President Donald Trump to the famous Mt. Rushmore monument to four of  America's greatest president's make it better?

A spokesperson and Trump re-election campaign "Rapid Response" official seems to think so.

Just hours before President Trump is set to travel to South Dakota's famous 60-foot tall 80-year old carving, Abigail Marone posted a widely-circulated meme of the 45th President's image, not only added to Mt. Rushmore, but in front of Presidents Washington, Jefferson, Roosevelt, and Lincoln.

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