Trump's problems are far from over as Dems move closer to grilling his White House counsel on obstruction: John Dean
John Dean speaks on MSNBC/Screenshot

Democrats have emerged from former special counsel Robert Mueller's Wednesday testimony with cause to pursue even more hearings with people at the heart of President Donald Trump's Russia scandal.

On Thursday's edition of CNN's "New Day," John Dean said one of the next person to be compelled to testify will likely be former White House Counsel Don McGahn, who was central to one of the episodes of potential obstruction of justice, and who has so far refused the House's directive to speak with key committees.

"John Dean, we’re almost out of time, but final word," said anchor Alisyn Camerota. "You think the next thing we see is the court compelling Don McGahn to testify?"

"I do," said Dean, who served as White House Counsel to President Richard Nixon and took a plea bargain for his cooperation in Watergate. "I don’t think the courts are necessarily a friendly forum for the committee. They tend to stay out of political disputes and try to let Congress and the executive branch work that out. However, when they find it necessary, they do step in. And this total defiance of subpoenas is just extraordinary. And I think the courts won’t like that."

"For example, during Watergate they — the Senate and the House never got the Nixon tapes," added Dean. "They only got them through the prosecutor. So they weren’t particularly helpful during Watergate."

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