Unhinged Trump fans threaten to torch New York paper store over satirical greeting cards
Anti-Trump greeting cards (Photo: Pro-Trump Facebook page)

Fans of President Donald Trump are going after a New York paper shop that is offering anti-Trump satirical greeting cards.

The Ithaca Voice, reported that the Mockingbird Paperie is facing harassment and threats after they posted a photo of their anti-Trump card section of their store.

A resident in the community doxxed the store, which is when a person posts the personal information of someone to encourage people to attack or harm the person. In this case, a pro-Trump fan page posted the store's address, phone number, and Facebook page.

"A local store in my hometown in Ithaca, New York on the Commons. Please feel free to CONTACT them with calls and mail. Let them know how you feel," the page said. "Here's their link to their page. HAVE AT IT!!!"

[caption id="attachment_1525756" align="aligncenter" width="507"]Anti-Trump cards result in death threats to store (Screen capture from The Ithaca Voice) [/caption]

The store has received death threats and personal harassment as a result.

The cards come from a Pittsburg company, Sapling Press, and are sold all over the country, the paper reported. They have various options like, "TRUMP IS AN ASSH*LE. Congrats on the new baby," or TRUMP IS A DOUCHE BAG. Happy anniversary!"

The shop has had the cards since the 2016 election, and they've been among the store's best-selling items for the nearly three years the president has been in the White House. The shop's owner said in an interview that she's never had any complaints before.

Now, people are posting on the page for the store calling the owner a pedophile and threatening to burn down her store.

After two days of relentless accusations and threats, the pro-Trump page finally amended the post, telling its 30,000 followers not to threaten the owner. The damage was already done, though.

"Mockingbird's Facebook page was temporarily shut down, and its Yelp page was blocked by the company due to 'unusual activity,' as comments related to politics rather than paper products flooded in," The Voice reported.

"I just can't believe people would say things like that — they've never even been in my store," the owner said. "I was terrified, to be honest. We're all women, and some of the threats really scared me. My daughter completely freaked out ... my mother called me and was pretty hysterical."

She specifically cited the PizzaGate conspiracy, where a Trump supporter showed up at a Washington, DC pizza parlor with guns saying that he was going to save children from the pedophiles. The conspiracy alleged that the family-oriented pizza parlor was running a sex trafficking ring in the basement. The building doesn't have a basement, however, much less a trafficking ring. Conspiracy theorists online, however, still maintain that the story is real.

The shop owner moved the cards for now, but once people found out about the story, they came into the shop asking for the cards to purchase.

"I'm here in person ... keep them up, don't take them down," said shopper Jillian Merulla.

You can read the full piece at The Ithaca Voice.