Video busts white man calling police on black engineer who was waiting outside apartment for disabled friend
White man calls police on black man (Twitter/screen grab)

A Bay Area man was caught on camera calling the police on an African-American man who was reportedly waiting on a friend at his apartment building.

A video of the confrontation between a black software engineer and a white man began circulating over the weekend. The video went viral when Tariq Nasheed of Foundational Black America shared it on Twitter on Saturday.

"I'm going to call the police," the white man on the video says as his child begs him not to.

The black man advises the white man that he's recording on video.

"You don't need to threaten me," the white man complains before telling police: "There's a trespasser in my building."

"Daddy, please don't," the boy tells he father. "I agree with him, daddy. Please don't! I don't like this. I don't like this. Let's go."

"He appears to be African-American," the white man explains to the 911 dispatcher.

"Listen to your son, walk away," the black man says. "I'll stop the recording."

"Dad, let's go now," the son insists.

At that point, the African-American man notes that he has to help his disabled friend.

The white man can be heard continuing to complain to police.

"He refused to identify himself," the white man adds.

The white man was identified by activists as a YouTube employee. However, Raw Story has been unable to independently confirm his place of employment. The man reportedly deleted his social media profiles after the video went viral.

Watch part 2 of the video below.