WATCH: 10 videos show massive flooding hitting Brooklyn and New Jersey after torrential downpour
Massive flooding in Brooklyn and New Jersey (Photos: Screen captures)

A massive flood is once again striking parts of New York City and New Jersey Monday as the heatwave gave way to a torrential downpour.

The storm moved through after 6 p.m. EST, dropping several inches of rain in a short period and causing immense flash flooding during rush hour. Commuters reported unusually large crowds on subway platforms, water flowing down subway stairs and huge leaks in the ceilings.

Airports were also dealing with the storm blowing through with time delays at LaGuardia, JFK and the Newark Airports.

Some folks took the flood in stride, bringing out pool toys to ride the waves:

But the rest remained concerned about the safety and simply finding higher ground to stay dry.

In Staten Island, water flowed into streets in Westerleigh, according to a video and photos posted of the area.

You can see the worst and most shocking videos and photos below: