WATCH: Conservative network pushes Alex Acosta to blame Epstein plea deal on Robert Mueller
Alex Acosta speaks to reporters (Fox News/screen grab)

The conservative OAN news network on Wednesday suggested that former special counsel Robert Mueller could be implicated in Jeffrey Epstein's original plea deal.

At a press conference, Labor Secretary Alex Acosta defended what has been called a "sweetheart plea deal" that let Epstein off with 13 months in county jail. Epstein has been accused of sexually molesting children as young as 14.

Acosta called on OAN's Neil McCabe, who wanted to know who else at the Department of Justice had reviewed the plea deal.

"Did you have any interaction with Robert Mueller at the time?" McCabe asked hopefully.

Acosta, however, disappointed the reporter.

"I do not have a full list of the individuals that reviewed this matter at main Justice," he explained. "I would refer you to the record. This was 12 years ago."

Watch the video below from Fox News.