WATCH: Kellyanne Conway flips out on reporters -- and compares 'simple' question to 'a Molotov cocktail'

Trump advisor Kellyanne Conway clashed with reporters outside of the White House on Tuesday morning.

In a combative exchange with one reporter, Conway was asked about President Donald Trump claiming that Republicans were going to "save" Obamacare's protections for those with pre-existing medical conditions.

Conway insisted it was "irresponsible" to ask about Trump's statement without quoting him in full.

"Please stop saying you want to have better relationships with [me]. I always try to have great relationships with you -- that's why we're here," she said.

"But you cannot take one little nugget out of a full presidential response, where he is saying I think most Americans want no crime, want a strong military, want education, want a good economy, and want jobs. You took all of that out, just to have a negative, toss it at me like a Molotov cocktail and hope you get to be on the nightly news tonight," Conway said.

"Kellyanne, I asked you a question -- the question is simple," the reporter replied.

"No, the questions not simple. The question is loaded, but I can handle it," Conway said.

Watch video, courtesy of C-SPAN, below: