Watergate lawyer reveals the Mueller report footnote on ‘theft’ that Dems must ask him about
Robert Mueller testifies before Congress (screengrab)

Former federal prosecutor Nick Ackerman brought a highlighted copy of special counsel Robert Mueller's report during an appearance on MSNBC anticipating questions for Wednesday's hearing.

Host Ari Melber asked Ackerman to pick out the one page of the report that he would want to ask Mueller a question about.

Ackerman selected page 176, which relates to Roger Stone and the distribution of the stolen emails from the Democratic National Committee.

"It’s a fact, is it not, Mr. Mueller, if you look at that footnote — that your office considered charging people with the theft of stolen property and trafficking in stolen property, is that right?" Ackerman asked his hypothetical question to Mueller.

Melber called it "something that got lost" in the months covering the Mueller investigation.

"You’re talking about they only charged Stone for certain things," Melber continued. "But you’re saying they took very seriously the possibility that people high in the Trump campaign would have been potentially involved or chargeable for those crimes?"

Ackerman explained that it's clear they considered it.

"Now, Mr. Mueller, I don’t want you to tell me who you considered or how many people you considered, but it’s a fact, is it not, based on your report, that this was something that you considered at least against one individual in the Trump campaign?" Ackerman followed up.

Melber explained that the Trump campaign will likely retort that if Mueller found crimes, he would have charged them.

Watch the video below: