‘What a louse’: Trump slammed for ignoring gravity of strongest SoCal earthquake in 25 years that’s wreaking havoc
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'Swarms of Aftershocks' But Trump Insists There are No Problems

Southern California residents experienced the strongest earthquake in a quarter-century on Independence Day, registering a magnitude of 6.6. One small town mayor talking live with CNN said there were at least eight aftershocks – the ninth one came on-air.

There are fires and gas line breaks, and that's all that's currently known, but President Donald Trump says there's nothing to worry about.

"Been fully briefed on earthquake in Southern California. All seems to be very much under control!" Trump tweeted Thursday afternoon.

Perhaps the president would like to tell that to Ridgecrest, California Mayor Peggy Breeden, who shared her experience with CNN during the aftershocks.

Or perhaps the president would like to tell that to the Kern County, California Fire Dept., which serves Ridgecrest. They are reporting another earthquake is predicted, a hospital is being evacuated, and nearly two dozen "incidents ranging from medical assistance to structure fires."

UPDATE: 5:19 PM ET –

Ridgecrest is now under a state of emergency, per CNN.

Here's how some on social media responded to Trump making light of the calamity – including some noting that California is a blue state: