What does Jeffrey Epstein have on all of these New York billionaires?
Jeffrey Epstein (Photo: Screen cap).

Biographer Vickey Ward authored a piece on the terrifying threats that Jeffrey Epstein made to one woman's children. While Ward detailed the story Saturday, she revealed Sunday that Epstein threatened her "unborn child" too.

In an interview with CNN, Ward described a phone call where Epstein referenced that she was pregnant in a threat.

"So I found him incredibly creepy. And threatening," Ward recalled. "I was pregnant at the time. And he didn’t like the fact that I began to uncover that a lot of the stories he had told, the rich and famous in New York about himself was simply not true."

She revealed that Epstein would call her and each call would end with a horrifying threat.

"At the end of the phone call, every time he talked to me he would say, 'By the way, Vicki,' this is off the record, 'And if I don’t like this story, here’s what’s going to happen to your unborn children.' That was the kind of tenor of this guy."

She said that she still finds it baffling how New York billionaires still hold Epstein in any sort of esteem. It made her wonder what he has on them.

After her piece in Vanity Fair, Epstein managed to get into the offices and past security to see the editor of the magazine.

"And they had a private discussion at the end of which Graydon Carter decided to remove the on-the-record story that I had alleging that Jeffrey Epstein had sexually harassed two young women, two sisters, one of them was underage," Ward revealed. "And, you know, that was incredibly difficult for me then as a reporter. These women had been so brave to go on the record. I couldn’t understand the leverage, what — how did Jeffrey Epstein, you know, manage to negotiate that. And I think that these are the kind of questions that really now, you know, I’m certainly going to be on in a major way. I’ve been following this for quite some time."

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