Woman charged with 'ethnic threats' to Jewish loan office also referenced 'Trump building the wall'
April Marie Bennett, arrested for threats against Jewish credit union (Photo: County jail)

A follower of President Donald Trump was emboldened to threaten a Jewish loan office in Bloomfield Township, a suburb outside of Detroit.

According to the Detroit Free Press, April Marie Bennett went off with a string of racially charged phone calls that ended with a threat against the staff at Hebrew Free Loan of Metropolitan Detroit.

Bennett is now being charged with two counts of ethnic intimidation, which carries a two-year penalty and $5,000 fine.

Other than the intimidation, Bennett was also charged last month with malicious use of a telecommunication service after police spent months trying to trace calls she made to the loan office.

It all stems from Bennett being denied an interest-free loan because she wasn't Jewish.

The loans aren't discriminatory because it's part of a nonprofit, that are not held to the same standards as for-profit lenders.

"The investigation that led to Bennett’s arrest began on Jan. 3 when a man called the loan office asking for a loan, was told he didn’t qualify because he wasn’t Jewish, stated it 'wasn’t fair' and hung up, said township police Lt. Paul Schwab," the Free Press reported.

Staff then told police that a woman started calling with disturbing statements. Oddly enough, however, her statements weren't anti-Semitic, they were racist, anti-Black. Some of the telephone tellers at the office are African Americans.

"First she started dropping the N-bomb, and she made reference to Trump building the wall and wanting to send (the tellers) all back to Africa. She made all sorts of references, like picking cotton. She finally said something like, ‘I’m coming over there and blow your head off,’ and that was a very active threat," Schwab told the Free Press.

Bennett has a history of "fighting with police," with a history of assault, but managed to be arrested without incident. She's currently being held on a $50,000 bond.