1st grader picked up and pointed loaded gun at fellow student – gun is part of program to prevent school shootings
Child holding gun (Shutterstock)

Gun Belonged to School Official Who Is Also Student’s Grandmother

A Morrow County, Ohio first grade student was able to pick up and point a loaded gun at a fellow student, saying, “Put your hands behind your back your [sic] arrested,” according to The Columbus Dispatch. The gun was left unattended, possibly for as long as 30 minutes and belongs to Vicky Nelson, the first grade student’s grandmother who is also the school district’s transportation director.

Nelson was allowed to have the gun on school property as part of a Highland Local Schools concealed carry program designed to protect students from potential gun violence or school shootings, by arming select officials.

The student who had the gun pointed at him is the son of the school district’s assistant transportation director.

“He pointed it at her and said ‘Put your hands behind your back your [sic] arrested,’” Christine Scaffidi, the assistant transportation director, told schools Superintendent Dan Freund in an email.

Superintendent Freund is under fire for neglecting to mention the gun was left unattended for up to half an hour, and that Nelson had not only gone to the restroom but driven to another school while the gun was left unattended.

“I’m assuming that the child picked up the gun from behind the desk and had been holding it,” Freund had originally reported.

Now he says he had forgotten about the additional details.

“It wasn’t an attempt to lie or cover up anything,” Freund said. “I’m 70 years old. I forgot about (the emails). Do I get it right all the time? No. Maybe the school board wants to fire me.”

Nelson has been removed from the concealed carry program, “was eventually suspended for three days without pay,” and apologized.