'All over the map': CNN details the bizarre surge of Trump's flip-flops
(AFP / Nicholas Kamm)

Following two mass shootings in one weekend, President Donald Trump promised to strengthen background checks for gun purchases. But just the next week--reportedly after speaking with NRA head Wayne LaPierre--dropped his resolve and said there were already sufficient background checks on the books.

That's not the only recent policy flip-flop by the President.

On CNN Thursday, White House reporter Sarah Westwood chronicled all the policies on which the president has reversed course. First, the president abruptly cancelled plans to cut foreign aid.

"President Trump, the White House, they were facing a wave of opposition from Congressional appropriators in both parties and from the State Department who thought that this move could do harm to national security," Westwood said.

That's not the only issue he's abruptly reversed.

"President Trump has been all over the map on policy this week, alone," Westwood said. "He's flip-flopped on guns, going from supporting background checks to saying behind closed doors he was cooling to the idea amid pressure from allies to saying, maybe he does support background checks, maybe he doesn't," she continued.

"President Trump assuring people that the economy is doing well while also proposing a payroll tax cut, proposing something to do with capital gains, indexing to inflation, and walking away from that yesterday as well," she said.