‘Both Putin and Xi will be voting Trump in 2020’: NYT columnist says Russia and China want ‘turmoil and chaos’
Trump's relationship with Moscow has stalked the first year of his presidency, with key former aides under a US investigation for alleged collaboration with the Kremlin. (SPUTNIK/AFP / Mikhail KLIMENTYEV)

The Russian Federation and the People's Republic of China are both rooting for President Donald Trump to win re-election in 2020, a New York Times columnist argued on MSNBC on Thursday.

Thomas Friedman was interviewed by Lawrence O'Donnell on "The Last Word."

"What do we know about how the leaders of other countries see Donald Trump at this stage in their dealings with him?" O'Donnell asked. "Especially this weekend, when it comes at the end of a week in which they’ve heard him call himself the King of Israel, they have heard him say he is The Chosen One. They have heard all the crazy things that everyone here has heard the president say."

"Well, I think there is a general consensus that you are dealing with an America that they have never had before," Friedman replied. "An America that really doesn’t want to lead."

"And I think this is tragic. It’s my feeling, Lawrence, that both Russia’s Putin and China’s Xi will be voting for Trump in 2020 for this reason, because they know as long as Trump is president of the United States, we will be in internal turmoil and chaos and America will have a leader who will never be able to build a global coalition against Russia and China.

"Have no doubt about it. Both Putin and Xi will be voting Trump in 2020," he said, even though neither leader is eligible to vote in the United States.