CBS anchor nails ‘obtuse’ pundits who can’t see Trump’s racism: The president mimics the language of Goebbels
CBS News anchor Vladimir Duthiers (Screen cap).

CBS News anchor Vladimir Duthiers this week called out political pundits who are still debating over whether President Donald Trump campaigns on racist appeals.

During a discussion on Trump's racism on CBS, Axios reporter Sara Fischer outlined the way Trump's campaign is pumping out racist ads that use the same language to describe immigrants as the language used by the El Paso Walmart shooter in his manifesto.

"When we talk about the Trump campaign, I look at ads all the time," she said. "Donald Trump will put tons of ads out there that are utilizing language such as 'invasions,' when he is talking about minority populations. He will run ads talking about the controversy in Baltimore, stirring the controversy... he's been using these kinds of incidents strategically to drum up his base."

Duthiers went on to chide members of the media who are still in denial about the president's racism.

"When you look at the language -- the language of 'invasion,' 'infestation' -- that mimics the kinds of things we saw, for example, Hitler's propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels used very similar language to describe Jewish people across Europe," Duthiers said. "I wonder if people who define the word invasion and say the president isn’t being racist when he uses the word invasion... are they really that obtuse they don’t understand what kind of signal it sends?"

Watch the video below.