CNN runs down all the ways Trump is suing US states to keep his taxes hidden
President Donald Trump (MSNBC)

On Tuesday, President Donald Trump's lawyers launched a lawsuit against the state of California challenging a law that requires Presidential candidates to disclose five years of taxes to get a spot in the primary.

They claim that the law is unconstitutional on the grounds that the state doesn't have the authority to impose extra restrictions on campaign eligibility.

Gov.  Gavin Newsome was quick to retort: "There’s an easy fix Mr. President -- release your tax returns as you promised during the campaign and follow the precedent of every president since 1973," he tweeted.

That's not the only way President Trump appears desperate to conceal his taxes. In a CNN segment, reporter Jessica Schneider presented a rundown of the lengths Trump is going through to avoid publicly sharing his taxes.

"So, they're battling this now in California, filing this lawsuit," said Schneider. "We expected it would be challenged on Constitutional grounds," she added.

"But of course the president's lawyers are also battling against releasing his tax returns on multiple other fronts. We have a lawsuit involving New York state and one of their recently enacted laws. And then of course just battling against any tax returns being released at all the that relate to the president or his accountants or his family," she continued. "So really this is a multifaceted effort to stop any release of these from the president."