CNN's Anderson Cooper compares Trump to Rogue from X-Men — because everything he touches dies
Anderson Cooper (Photo: Screen capture)

On Thursday, during an interview with comedian Stephen Colbert, CNN anchor Anderson Cooper invoked an obscure "X-Men" reference to characterize the destructive tendencies of President Donald Trump — and the way he politically poisons anyone who comes into contact with him.

"The pace of it, I think about the people who work in the White House," said Cooper. "I think President Trump — you know, Dorothy Parker said those born to the storm find the calm very boring. I don't know why he was born to the storm but that chaos—"

"Oh, he creates his own storm," said Colbert. "He takes a big bucket of seawater, throws it in his own face and says, 'I'm a sea captain.' We're going to ride it out, boys. Throw another bucket."

"I always think about everybody around him just how exhausting it must be to be in that orbit. I mean—"

"Like every person who leaves goes, God, it's crazy in there," agreed Colbert.

"Rick Wilson, a Republican strategist who we have on the show, wrote a book called Everything Trump Touches Dies," said Cooper. "And I think, I think that's a really interesting title. It sort of reminds me of, like, Rogue in 'X-Men.' Everything she touches, she sucks the life's blood out of you and kills you. Do you ever worry about it?"

Colbert seemed a bit thrown off by the analogy.

"Well, the thing is it is not just the people she kissed who die. It is people who go against her," continued Cooper. "And there are real people who have already destroyed themselves because they have so gone after Trump that they themselves, it blows back up. They've gone down to his level."

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