CNN’s Don Lemon rips Fox News ‘apology team’ for attempting to rationalize Trump’s racism
CNN's Don Lemon (screengrab)

CNN anchor Don Lemon slammed Fox News for defending President Donald Trump's racist rhetoric following the white supremacist terrorist attack in El Paso, Texas.

"All I can say is, 'Wow!'" Lemon began. "You have to sit and watch this."

"As people across the country expressed shock and grief over the senseless mass shootings in El Paso and Dayton that killed 31 people, the Fox and Friends apology team already out defending President Trump for the ugly and divisive rhetoric when targeting undocumented immigrants at the southern border," Lemon reported.

"Investigators in El Paso say the suspected gunman posted a racist manifesto 20 minutes opening fire on innocent people shopping at a Walmart. It’s filled with white supremacist language and hateful words aimed at immigrants and Latinos," he explained.

"The killer hoping to stop what he calls 'the Hispanic invasion of Texas.' That keyword, invasion. President Trump, as we know uses that word, invasion, all the time as a billy club against undocumented immigrants," Lemon continued.

"His defenders on the Fox morning show sprang right into action," he said, playing a clip from the conservative network.

"When you have over 110,000 people coming a month, over 1 million last year and well over a million this year. If you use the term invasion, that’s not anti-Hispanic. It’s a fact," the Fox News personality argued.

"Not surprising, that pleased the president, who immediately tweeted, 'I’m the least racist person.' People who aren’t racist don’t have to tweet that they’re not. They prove it in how they act," Lemon noted.

"That means the president has to answer for a few things. Like why he posted 2,200 Facebook ads warning of an invasion at the U.S. border by undocumented immigrants seeking asylum," he noted.

"Classic Trump. He cannot run away from the words we have all heard him use time and time again," Lemon said.