Disturbing video shows cops fatally shooting black teen in his back as he runs away

Surveillance footage in the police shooting death of a teenager has emerged, showing cops firing at the 19-year-old as he ran away from them, reports the Colorado Springs Gazette.

De’Von Bailey was allegedly fleeing the scene of a robbery. Two Colorado Springs Officers chased him. The footage shows him falling to the ground after getting shot. According to experts interviewed by the Gazette, the teen didn't appear to be wielding any type of weapon or threatening police.

“He appears to be shot in his back as he is running away, wearing gym shorts and a T-shirt,” John Burton, a 40-year lawyer and former board president of the National Police Accountability Project, told the Gazette. “And even if he is armed, that’s not enough to justify a shooting generally, unless the weapon is being used or threatened to be used, which I don’t see it (on the video). He is definitely not reaching in his waistband and about to shoot the officers.”