Electoral map based on Trump's latest state-by-state approval numbers shows him suffering historic 2020 defeat
President Donald Turmp (Screen cap).

A map of the United States Electoral College projects that President Donald Trump would suffer a historic and humiliating defeat if the 2020 election were held today.

Matt Rogers, the chief of staff for Democratic Virginia state Senator David Marsden, has broken down the latest state-by-state approval numbers for Trump in the Civiqs tracking poll and has estimated that the president would receive a mere 119 electoral votes were the election held today, whereas his Democratic opponent would receive a whopping 419.

Of course, there are several mitigating factors that could benefit the president: Namely, there isn't yet a defined rival to oppose him, people who disapprove of his job performance may either still vote for him or vote for a third-party candidate instead of a Democrat, and the election is still well over a year away.

At the same time, the latest projection marks a severe deterioration of the president's standing over the past month. When Rogers ran the state-by-state projection on July 24th, for example, he estimated that Trump would receive 211 electoral votes based on his current approval numbers, whereas a Democrat would get 327.