'Fake Patriot' Tomi Lahren hilariously torn to shreds after saying she ‘aims’ to manufacture her clothing line in the US

Earlier this week, conservative commentator and Fox News host Tomi Lahren was the subject of internet mockery after accusations circulated that her active wear brand Alexo Athletica is made in China. While there was no official confirmation from Lahren's camp that that's true, today she fired off a tweet saying that her company "aims" to manufacture her products here in the U.S. -- someday.

"Like many American small business owners, Alexo aims to be Made in America. We are working towards that," Lahren wrote while simultaneously sharing a statement from Alexo CEO Amy Robbins.

In her statement, Robbins said that manufacturing overseas was necessary since Alexo is a new company subject to "increased labor costs and heightened regulations."

"We're working diligently to bring our manufacturing back home to the US and work with other hardworking companies that pride themselves on integrity and quality," Robbins' statement read.

The irony of Lahren revealing that her clothing line, which allegedly represents 'American values,' is indeed manufactured overseas wasn't lost on Twitter users, who wasted no time piling on in the comment thread that developed below Lahren's tweet.

In a later tweet, Lahren pointed out that her yoga pants do not contain a gun holster, as some have claimed: