Former DC police chief demands assault weapons be banned: 'The only thing you could hunt with it are other people'
Federal Communications Commission photo of Charles Ramsey.

On Monday's edition of CNN's "The Situation Room," former Washington, D.C. police chief Charles Ramsey told anchor Wolf Blitzer that assault-style weapons with "double-drum" magazines of the type the Dayton killer used to murder 9 people in minutes have no place in a civilized society.

"I don’t know what level vest those officers had, but if he turned that gun on them, their vest probably would not have protected them," said Ramsey. "It is a very dangerous weapon. And when a bullet impacts the body, it expands and causes a tremendous amount of tissue damage and the victims simply bleed out from the wounds. It is devastating. And you can fire rapid-fire — it is incredible."

"I think Chief Biehl said he had 250 rounds in total at the scene, is what they actually were able to recover," said Ramsey. "And just think about the carnage that could have been brought as a result of a weapon like that. It has no place at all in our society on the streets."

"It is for — it is for the military, it is not for civilian use," said Ramsey. "You can’t hunt — the only thing you could hunt with it are other people. That’s it. You try killing a deer, there would be nothing left to eat. It is absolutely ridiculous to even think about having this stuff out here. And yet we’ve got an embarrassment on our hands which is our United States Congress just refuses to do anything. And it's a shame."

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