Former Epstein pal Alan Dershowitz to defend Biblical figures accused of child trafficking in bizarre mock trial
Alan Dershowitz (Fox News)

Attorney Alan Dershowitz, whose past work on behalf of accused sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein has done significant damage to his reputation, will once again take up the cause of defending someone accused of enslaving children.

The Jerusalem Post reports that Dershowitz is slated to participate in a mock trial at New York’s Temple Emanu-El this fall in which he will defend the brothers of biblical figure Joseph against charges that they kidnapped their sibling and sold him into slavery.

"Joseph's older brothers seethed with jealousy at their father's special affection for the son of his old age, the eldest child of his favorite wife," reads a flier explaining the event. "After he gave Joseph a coat of many colors, the brothers refused to contain their envy. They ambushed Joseph, threw him into an empty well, and then sold him as a slave."

While Dershowitz will be defending the alleged child traffickers, former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie will serve as the prosecution.

Dershowitz's participation in the mock trial comes amid renewed scrutiny of the work he did on behalf of Epstein. As a damning New Yorker piece reported recently, Dershowitz's go-to tactic for defending Epstein was to smear his accusers as either drug addicts or as sexually promiscuous.

See the flier announcing the event, as originally posted by Jewish Insider reporter Ben Jacobs, below.