Former federal prosecutor owns hypocritical Rod Rosenstein after he lashes out at James Comey
Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein (Shutterstock)

President Donald Trump's allies are coming to the president's side to back him up on attacks against former FBI director James Comey.

The Department of Justice Inspector General found that Comey didn't break the law when he took home his personal memos about his interactions with Trump. Comey then gave one memo to a friend who is a college law professor, which was then given to the New York Times. The IG report found that Comey breached "policy," but he didn't break the law. In fact, Comey's memos weren't even declared to be "classified" until after they made their way to the public.

It didn't stop former deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein from hitting Comey, however, quoting the IG report.

“It is important .. to follow established policies and procedures, especially when the stakes are high.... We should be most on guard when we believe that our own uncomfortable .. circumstances justify ignoring .. principles respected by our predecessors.”

It prompted former U.S. Attorney Renato Mariotti to recall when Rosenstein did exactly the same thing, ignoring "established policies and procedures" when he was serving under Attorney General Bill Barr.

"It’s even more important for a president not to corruptly use his power to try to quash investigations of him and his friends," tweeted Mariotti. "You speak up about Comey failing to “follow established policies and procedures” but stood silently beside Barr when he misled the public about Trump."

Rosenstein resigned in May 2019, well after Barr released a false summary of special counsel Robert Mueller extensive report about Trump's wrongdoing in the Russia scandal.