National security analyst 'cringing' at who wants to be Trump's Intel Director with qualities president wants
Samantha Vinograd -- CNN screen capture

This week the president prompted a strange problem in his own decision to pass over Principal Deputy Director of National Intelligence Sue Gordon for acting head of the department.

According to the procedure, Gordon should have been moved up when Trump's director, Dan Coates, quit. Instead of allowing Gordon to take over, he opted for a less-experienced Joseph Maguire.

The move prompted "self-inflicted, brain-drain" said national security analyst for CNN Samantha Vinograd.

"As Director of the National Counterterrorism Center (NCTC), Maguire worked on a narrower range of issues and functions," she explained in a piece for CNN. And it's unlikely he has done a deep dive into election insecurities or North Korea -- two issues that require immediate high-level attention. He also hasn't been looking at resource allocations in those areas or coordinating activities across the 17-member intel community. Gordon had that experience."

She noted that the learning curve is going to be much steeper for Maguire. It could leave America at a disadvantage at a time Americans have reason to speculate elections can be held legitimately.

Watch her full explanation below: