Former Senate aide blasts Trump's 'lack of seriousness' for tweeting classified Iran intelligence
President Donald Trump speaks during campaign MAGA rally at Southern New Hampshire University Arena. (lev radin /

On MSNBC Saturday, former Senate aide Joel Payne blasted President Donald Trump for tweeting an image of classified intelligence information while mocking Iran — and explained how it puts lives around the world at risk.

"Let's talk about the consequences, perhaps the unintended consequences of this," said anchor Geoff Bennett. "Imagine working within the national intelligence apparatus. You deliver your work product to the White House, probably at risk of life and limb, and it ends up on Twitter. What does that do?"

"It does a number of things," said Payne. "It really compromises a lot of our sources and methods, probably. It makes people who are career officials and those agencies I would imagine, feel like, oh my gosh, can I trust sharing this kind of information up the chain, and am I going to get some of my sources in hot water? Am I going to risk their life or am I going to risk my information sources going forward? There are a lot of you know really, really important drawbacks to think about when you consider that."

"But also this brings up there's always been just a lack of seriousness when it comes to information, right?" continued Payne. "And when it comes to the responsibilities of the job. When it comes to this White House. I worked in high-level government, okay? Every word that came out of the majority leader's office, we had to be sure was precise and correct, and treated with the soberness that deserved the attention of the majority leader. This president just does not get that, doesn't care about it, the people around him don't care about it. That's how he ran his business, that's how he's running his government."

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