Fox Business guest says 'black culture' makes kids test poorly and leaves them 'underprepared'
Heather Mac Donald (C-SPAN/screen grab)

On Tuesday's edition of Fox Business' "Lou Dobbs Tonight," right-wing political commentator Heather MacDonald veered into an openly racist diatribe while criticizing a proposal from the College Board to weight the SAT with "student adversity scores."

"Frankly, Lou, what this is all about is an effort to repackage racial preferences in a more palatable form," said MacDonald. "All of this tinkering with meritocratic admissions in colleges and throughout the economy, frankly, is all driven by one fact, which is the persistent academic achievement gap. If black culture, or the rest of culture, could close that gap, we would be back to a colorblind meritocratic system, but the College Board is trying to give colleges an excuse to continue to give preferences to underprepared black students, to catapult them into academic environments for which they are not prepared."

"This is done in the name of helping those students, and in fact there is nothing more cruel than awarding a student a racial preference and putting them into an environment for which he is not academically prepared," added MacDonald. "He's going to struggle, he's going to inevitably blame his problems on phantom circumambient racism, rather than acknowledging the difficult truth that he would have been better in an environment where he's actually matched with his peers."

The idea that affirmative action programs select unqualified people, or that beneficiaries of these programs struggle in their environment, are repeatedly debunked myths that are favorite talking points on the right.

MacDonald, the author of "The Diversity Delusion," has previously said that worrying about white supremacy in America is "completely ridiculous," called diversity on college campuses a "scourge," and suggested that it is in fact racist to call Trump racist.

Watch below: