GOP gov Matt Bevin blasted for blocking opioid investigation by his opponent — and gloating about it
Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin and AG Andy Beshear (Images via Gage Skidmore/Twitter)

On Thursday, the Supreme Court of Kentucky unanimously ruled that GOP Gov. Matt Bevin has the right to block state Attorney General Andy Beshear — who is running against him in November's election — from hiring outside counsel in his investigation of opioid manufacturers.

The decision throws out the contract Beshear had signed with the law firm Morgan & Morgan, and throws a monkey wrench into his efforts to hold drugmakers accountable for the ongoing deaths and addictions in the state.

Bevin, who had sought to block the agreement on the basis that the lawyers Beshear hired to assist him had donated to his campaign, took to Twitter to gloat about having delayed justice for opioid victims:

Unsurprisingly, Bevin faced an explosion of fury on social media:

And shortly, Beshear himself responded: