'He wasn't that bad then': Former Trump Org insider recalls when Trump shifted to become 'a joke' and 'a cartoon'
Former Trump Organization VP Barbara Res/CNN screen shot

Former Trump Organization insider Barbara Res recalled a time she worked with President Donald Trump when he "wasn't that bad."

MSNBC host Ari Melber began the segment by calling Trump a "snowflake" for getting mad with Denmark for calling his idea of purchasing Greenland "absurd."

"Let's just deal with this real quick. We know it's how he operates: Attack, troll, mock, bully and indignantly complain other people are bullying him," Melber noted. He then welcomed Res to discuss what is happening in Trump's brain.

He asked Res if anything could become an important issue to Trump if it wounds him enough. "Is he a snowflake?"

"Oh, absolutely. Absolutely," Res agreed. I mean, he does the worst things and when somebody just does a little thing, 'How dare they? This is the United States they're insulting.' It's just ridiculous."

Res then noted it was funny.

"Funny, ha-ha, funny? Or funny -- the republic is slowly dying?" Melber asked.

"It's funny, ha-ha, to be honest with you," Res said, noting that what seems to be slowly dying is not the republic but the political movement.

After a quick discussion about Anthony Scaramucci and the very public falling out he's had with the president, Res discussed her own reputation in the world of New York Development. Under her leadership, no contractors were cheated, and people didn't go unpaid.

As time went along, Trump took a different route than Res' leadership.

"He wasn't that bad then," she recalled. "People started thinking he was a little bit of a joke but later -- later on when he started to get involved with the models and the Trumpites and the wine and all that stuff and The Apprentice. That, to me, and many people -- he's like a cartoon at that point."

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