'He's pimping on behalf of himself or Putin': Congresswoman slams Trump for hawking his resort
Rep. Jackie Speier (D-CA) appears on CNN (Screen cap).

In an MSNBC panel discussion, Rep. Jackie Speier (D-CA) accused the president of being a "pimp" who is doing nothing more than hocking his properties to make a buck off of Americans.

The moment came as host Chris Matthews noted that President Donald Trump's campaign once against attacked the four Congresswomen of color he loves to battle. The email asked for Trump's fans to help him prove "this is our country, not theirs." The president has already gotten in trouble for saying that these women should be sent back to the country they came from. They're all American citizens.

At the same time, Trump is also blaming Puerto Rico for Hurricane Dorian, which narrowly missed hitting the island head-on Wednesday.

"Well, he's blaming mother nature too," Speier said of Trump's tweet acting as if Puerto Rico was intentionally causing hurricanes. "He has to deflect always what he should be taking responsibility for. He makes his bad news. When he goes on and says that Vladimir Putin should be brought back into the G7, and then he starts talking about Doral, once again he is pimping on behalf of himself or on behalf of Vladimir Putin."

Speier was serious, but it prompted Matthews to start laughing hysterically because a Congresswoman used the term "pimping."

"You're amazing. You're amazing. You just said he is pimping on behalf of Doral and he is pimping on behalf of Vladimir Putin. I'm sorry. It's just regular American English you're using there," he said. "But pimping, you think he is out there hawking his goods, trying to make a buck?"

"Well, of course, he is!" she replied. "He's talking about his country club. Now I think he knows that the G7 isn't going to come to his country club, but he is promoting it to the American public, and he's trying to garner more money for himself. I mean, that is the one thing you can't do. That's the conflict of interest that he engages in on a regular basis. Members of Congress can't solicit people to come to their law firm while they're a member of Congress. We can't even have a second job. But he has his real estate developments, and he is constantly promoting them. Every time he goes to Mar-a-Lago, it's $3 million of taxpayer funds."

Watch the panel discussion below: