'I cannot vote for Donald Trump': Conservative Iowa family tells MSNBC why they’re voting for Democrats in 2020
Sen. Kamal Harris (D-CA) at the second Democratic Party debate (screengrab)

It comes as no surprise when political strategists hear liberal and progressive voters in Seattle, San Francisco, Philadelphia or Boston saying that they won’t be voting for President Donald Trump in 2020; strategists already know that Trump isn’t going to get much support in those Democratic strongholds. But the thing that really grabs the attention of political strategists and organizers is hearing how people in swing areas are planning to vote, and one such attention-grabber is an MSNBC interview with a conservative-leaning Iowa family who told the cable news outlet why they’re leaning Democratic for the 2020 election.

Kate, Taylor and Paul Miller, interviewed at the Iowa State Fair, clearly had conservative voting histories. The mother told MSNBC she was a “lifelong conservative” who had “campaigned door to door” for Republican Sen. Chuck Grassley in Iowa but now finds herself politically drawn to Sen. Kamala Harris, who has generally been in the top five in recent polls among Democratic presidential candidates. Some polls of Democratic voters have found Harris in second place behind frontrunner Joe Biden; others have found the California senator in third or fourth place.

“I cannot vote for Donald Trump,” the mother said. “He is not a conservative, and I don’t think he’s a good man.”

She went on to say that she is looking for a Democratic candidate who is “reasonable on our borders” and values “the rule of law,” indicating that Harris might be the one she’s looking for.

Paul, her husband, said he voted for Trump in 2016 but seemed open to possibly voting Democratic in 2020 — although he didn’t rule out the possibility of voting for Trump a second time. And his daughter, who is 17 but will be old enough to vote next year, said that while she considers herself conservative, “I cannot vote for Donald Trump. If there was a better conservative, I would probably vote for them. But he says so many things that are just absolutely disgusting and despicable.”

The daughter said she is looking for a Democratic candidate she can “get behind and support” and isn’t “completely crazy on immigration.” She added that while she likes Harris, Sen. Bernie Sanders and Sen. Elizabeth Warren are “a little too far left for me” —although some of her friends like them.