If Republicans don’t 'punch' Trump 'in the face every single day' they'll lose in 2020: Ex-GOP congressman
Former Republican lawmaker Joe Walsh talks on CNN (Screen cap).

On Thursday's edition of MSNBC's "Hardball," former Congressman Joe Walsh (R-IL) told host Chris Matthews that in order for the Republican Party to survive, they have to come to their senses and take a stand against President Donald Trump — and that if they don't, their future is bleak.

"Chris, I don’t know, because you need somebody who can stand in front of the world and say this guy’s unfit," said Walsh. "He is a bully and a coward. It’s got to be somebody who can make the moral case against Trump."

"And hey, Chris, it’s a bar fight," added Walsh. "Some Republican has to punch him in the face every single day. Because I’ll tell you right now, if somebody doesn’t, Chris, the Republicans are going to get wiped out in 2020. If a Republican doesn’t present a strong challenge to him and punch this coward in the face every day, the Republican Party is going to have a hard time coming back."

Watch below: