Israeli journalist demolishes Trump as 'the greatest anti-Semite of our age' in blistering op-ed
President Donald Trump. (Screenshot/CNN)

American-born Israeli journalist Bradley Burston this week wrote an absolutely blistering column for Haaretz in reaction to President Donald Trump's declaration that Jews who don't support him are "disloyal" to Israel.

At the start of his piece, Burston declares Trump "the greatest anti-Semite of our age" and explains how the president has now blown past the typical dog whistles that anti-Semites typically use to test how much they can get away with.

"For years he’s boogalooed and pirouetted around the issue, dog whistling Dixie at every opportunity," Burston writes. "This week though, he made it official, gnawing on and extracting with his very teeth the pin on the fragmentation grenade that went: 'Any Jewish people that vote for a Democrat, I think it shows either a total lack of knowledge or great disloyalty.' There it is. His test of the Jews, full frontal. Come and get me, he taunts. And just watch me as I mine and inflame and leverage the Jew in you, and turn all of it into votes."

Burston then speculates that the real purpose of Trump's attacks on the majority of American Jews this week was to shore up his evangelical base who believe that supporting Israel is their fast-track ticket to being Raptured up to Heaven before the End Times strike.

"You’re better Zionists than the Jews are, and at this point, you -- and especially, I -- are even more pro-Israel than that Omar-Tlaib waffler Netanyahu," Burston imagines Trump telling his evangelical followers. "Not only that, you can lock in your place in scripture, in rapture, in the End of Days, with nothing more than one vote. Donald Trump."

Read the whole column here.