'It's not about you!' Don Lemon rips Trump's selfishness during mass shooting site visits
CNN's Don Lemon/Screenshot

CNN host Don Lemon called out nailed President Donald Trump for making the day of visits to communities wrecked by gun violence

"I guess it should surprise none of us that the feelings of the consoler in chief seem most concerned with while visiting victims, were his own," said Lemon Wednesday night. "It's all about President Trump. Who want to hospitals to meet and comfort the victims. And the plane had barely taken off from the first grieving city when a top aid along for the raid tweeted out the president was treated like a rock star inside the hospital in Dayton. A rock star? How can you boast about that in this context? It would be hard to be more tone-deaf than that. More insensitive. Right? Right? Wrong."

Lemon showed Trump speaking to the press in El Paso, saying he wished the media could have been there to see it. The reason the press wasn't there was that Trump wouldn't let them.

"It's not about you. It's not about you!" exclaimed Lemon. "For once! At least today! But we know it's all about this president, especially when he's aggrieved. His feelings hurt by things he saw on TV. So, when the president had a chance to speak publicly on this sad day in El Paso, a city in mourning, after a racist mass murder, he used his time to brag about himself and trash some Democrats."

Lemon showed the video of Trump. Strangely, the Democrats in Ohio were unbelievably cautious and polite about Trump after he left. Trump flew off the handle anyway, lying that he was attacked.

Watch Lemon's opener below: