Judges 'frustrated' after lawyers for Trump's banks refuse to say if they have his tax returns: CNN

Lawyers representing two of President Donald Trump's main banks upset a three-judge panel at an appellate court in New York when they refused to reveal whether they are in possession of President Donald Trump's tax returns.

CNN reports that lawyers for Deutsche Bank and Capital One "frustrated" the judges after they repeatedly cited "contractual obligations" to justify not divulging information about the president's taxes.

"The three-judge panel was so frustrated by the lawyers' refusal to answer that at one point one of the judges suggested the appellate court might seek an order for the information," reports CNN. "After several minutes of argument on the subject, the panel directed the lawyers to file letters under seal within 48 hours saying whether the banks have Trump's tax returns."

The lawyers agreed to respond to the order in writing -- but they did not say whether they would actually provide the court with the information it had requested.

The dispute over the president's taxes came during oral arguments for Trump's appeal of a lower court ruling that stated House Democrats could access the president's financial records by subpoenaing the banks.