Latino voter who backed the GOP for 20 years finally reaches his breaking point after Trump makes racism mainstream again

An Arizona immigration attorney has decided to leave the Republican party after 20 years because of the GOP's inability to rein in President Donald Trump's racist impulses, reports Fox 12.

Yasser Sanchez, a volunteer and donor for the Republican party, explained why he feels betrayed by the GOP.

"I didn't vote for Trump but still stayed with the Republican Party," Sanchez said. "I can no longer stand by and wait for the storm that is Trumpism to go by to feel comfortable defending a party that crazily doesn't want brown people or minorities in it."

Sanchez explained that he was inspired to become a Republican by George W. Bush.

"He had a message of inclusion," Sanchez said. "As a person of faith, compassionate conservatism really spoke to me."

He recalls being told at a debate to "go back to where you came from." He informed the heckler that he was a U.S. citizen.  "I'm an American."

"The nativists, protectionist, anti-immigrant movement that Joe Arpaio grew became a national movement under Donald Trump."