LAX customs officer calls journalist 'fake news' and demands to know if he works for CNN or MSNBC: report
Image via Jeff Turner / Wikimedia Commons

On Thursday, Empire Magazine's James Dyer stated in a Twitter thread that he was stopped by a customs official while arriving at Los Angeles International Airport, aggressively interrogated about his journalistic career, and accused of being "fake news":

Dyer added that the officer made no attempt to physically detain him, but simply harassed him during a routine paperwork and fingerprint check.

This sort of treatment is not a one-off incident. The Department of Homeland Security is taking an increasingly hostile attitude toward journalists, often interrogating and detaining them at border checkpoints, and sometimes even asking whether they support President Donald Trump. In May, customs agents detained Intercept reporter Seth Harp at Austin-Bergstrom International Airport while he was returning from Mexico City, and searched his belongings without a warrant.