Listen to scared Philadelphia police report 'shots fired' -- and beg for backup
(Photo: Shutterstock)

Six officers have been shot in a two-hour standoff in North Philadelphia Wednesday. According to the local police department, all of the officers are expected to survive their injuries, despite the severity. Another officer and pedestrian were injured by a vehicle.

One person has been arrested, but another person is still firing on officers are of 6:30 p.m. EST.

The neighborhood where this shooting occurred is reportedly not far from a playground.

"Cars stand by! Cars stand by! Shots fired! Shots fired!" the officer can be heard screaming to dispatch for backup. Her voice then changes to a sob asking again, "cars stand by, shots fired!" She repeated the address over and over again. "Shots fired on police!"

"North 15th Street, give me what you've got!" Another officer shouts over the radio. "Multiple shots!"

Another recording also has the second officer asking for "SWAT ASAP" and "long-guns ASAP."

You can listen to the audio in the clip below: